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Muay Thai Fitness is a Kickboxing Workout Training and Certification Program for Martial Arts Instructors, Fitness Trainers and Gym Owners in Pernambuco, Brazil


In the past, martial arts based fitness training programs in Pernambuco, Brazil were too watered down, or they limited the kickboxing instructor by only offering a large group fitness format.  That requires a lot more floor or mat space (and often expensive very equipment). We realized there must be a better way. People like you want a realistic and challenging martial arts fitness fitness program without the fluff or contact of actual fighting.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and one of the most effective stand up fighting systems in the world. Practitioners of Muay Thai are incredibly fit, flexibile and develop strong, athletic bodies. This system of martial arts uses powerful strikes with the hands, elbows, knees and feet. This is exactly why Muay Thai is known as “The Art of 8 Limbs.”

The recent past…. NESTA Founder and CEO, John Spencer Ellis sought out the top Muay Thai instructor as his martial arts instructor. After studying multiple martial arts for over 15 years, John wanted to learn Muay Thai (and learn it right). This instructor was 3x National Pro Champion, Bryce Krause. After working with Bryce for a couple of years, John knew the fitness and martial arts industries could really benefit from properly combining Muay Thai and fitness training. With much work, Muay Thai Fitness was born. Now gym's, dojo's and fitness trainers in Pernambuco benefit.

Today… Bryce, John and NESTA present you with Muay Thai Fitness (also known as MTF).

Bring Muay Thai Fitness to a Gym in Pernambuco, Brazil

Country is Brazil (BR):

Region is: Pernambuco

Cities are:  Abreu E Lima Araripina Aratoiaba Arcoverde Bandara Barreiros Belo Jardim Bezerros Bom Conselho Bom Jardim Bonito Brejo Da Madre De Deus Bufque Cabo CaetTs Camaragibe Camocim De Spo FTlix Canhotinho Carpina Caruaru Catende Chp Grande Cupira Cust=dia Escada Feira Nova Flores Garanhuns Goiana Gravat Ibimirim Igarassu Ipojuca Itamarac Itapetim Itapissuma Itaquitinga Jaboatpo Joaquim Nabuco Jopo Alfredo JosT L Lagoa Do Carro Lagoa Do Itaenga Lajedo Limoeiro LudgTro Lufs Mirandiba Mirim Moraes Moreno Olinda Oroc= Ouricuri Palmares Parafba Parnamirim Paulista Pedra Pesqueira PetrolGndia Petrolina Pombos Quipap Recife Riacho Das Almas Ribeirpo Rio Formoso SairT Salgueiro Santa Cruz Do Capibaribe Santa Maria Da Boa Vista Serafina Serra Talhada Serrita SertGnia Spo Caetano Spo Caitano Spo Jopo Spo JosT Da Coroa Grande Spo JosT Do Belmonte Spo JosT Do Egito Spo Lourento Da Mata Surubim Tabira Timba Toritama Tuparetama Venceslau Vertentes VicOncia Vit=ria De Santo Antpo XexTu

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